All Day Breakfast

Gourmet Breakfast

  • Classic Breakfast

    2 fresh cracked eggs prepared your way, 2 strips of peppered bacon, 2 buttered sourdough toasts, 2 slices of bacon, side portion of smash browns and garnished with fresh parsley.

  • Vegetarian Omlette

    Grilled red peppers, white onions and tomatoes – covered with shredded cheddar and mozzarella. All wrapped in a fluffy omelette, served with 2 buttered sourdough toasts and a side portion of smash browns.

  • Breakfast Sandwich

    Fresh cracked egg – whisked and topped with medium cheddar and a slice of tomato. placed in a flame toasted English muffin and served with a side portion of smash browns.

  • Breakfast Poutine

    In house crispy smash browns topped with chopped bacon and Quebec cheese curds covered with our vegetarian brown gravy. a sunny side egg placed on top of all the gooey goodness just to yell BREAKFAST!


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